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Fermented University  ()  Founder Mark Griswold hosts a Popular radio show on iCRV radio called Fermented.  The Archive can be accessed at www.icrvradio.com

The radio show was started in November 2015 with the help of David Williams.  It has been a show about the exploration of fermented beverages through science, history, folklore, and local experiences.

Our Story

Coming soon is a blog series called Fermented Through the Ages  ()  sometime in 2019 we will try to launch a series that focuses on the unique history of each state.  

Our Mission

The goal of Fermented University  ()  is to elevate your knowledge of all Fermented beverages.  We will delve into what defines a style or spirit, the history of how it came to be, and some of the great stories associated with it.  We will also dive into how to use each type of drink in a cocktail and how to pair it with food.  The goal is for there to be a community of knowledge and interaction

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Our Team

Alex Foulkes

Certified Cicerone and Owner of Penny Lane Pub.  Alex brings his deep knowledge of beers and wines, and how to pair them with food.  His retail experience in the industry gives us real time insight of what is trending.

Mark Griswold

Our resident Biochemist is able to break down beverages from harvest to bottling , and is able to take a deep dive into fermentation and distillation.  Mark has had a good deal of experience with brewing, wine making, distillation, and even Sake making! Mark is one of our specialists in mixology and cocktails.

Stacy Anderson Winchell

Our team true "foodie" and owner of Hosting Simply.  Stacy brings her knowledge of how to prepare and  pair food with any of the spirits we come up with.  

Guest lecturers...

A host of industry experts join us to break down specific beers, wines, or spirits.  We also have a few historians that help bend our ear on proper context!

iCRV Radio

Our Friends at iCRV radio Linda Reilly-Blue and David Williams keep us active in the Connecticut River Valley, and help us create new Fermented Episodes on Thursdays at 6pm.

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